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Since our inception in 1979, we strive to give our clients quality work with each project. From the preliminary planning stages to the final details, our team of experts handles and completes each project with superior care and attention.

Whether your project is an out parcel, ground up a building or an interior tenant build out, we handle every detail to bring stability throughout each stage of construction and design to maximize productivity.
Here’s what we can do for you

We handle it all so you can have peace of mind. Whether you’re looking to design a build from scratch, renovate your existing space, fully develop an office building, retail location, a commercial development, or you’re a simply tenant looking for some improvements – we’re here for you every step of the way. You can count on it.

At Hembree Construction, we understand that designing a build from scratch can feel like a daunting task at first. Don’t fret, we’ll be here for you every step of the way and you can feel confident in the fact that we’ll get things done right. Our number one priority is to ensure you’re completely satisfied.

With constant client communication, we make sure to develop a solid relationship with performance that is on time, on budget, and committed to quality. Creating a product of lasting quality, enduring value, and one that you’ll be genuinely satisfied with.

We’ve created a seamless process that not only allows us to complete projects in a timely manner but also cost-effectively. We know that the design-build aspect entails numerous things that require high attention to detail and we can assure you that nothing will go overlooked and every detail accounted for.

Constructing a building is a meticulous process in which our team has mastered so that we can ensure the quality and safety of each construction project. We ensure quality from the initial stages, highest quality materials, to budget standards, to site visits, effectively communicating with the architect and everything in between. In a situation where things don’t go exactly as planned, our team can adapt quickly and remain perseverant to finish the project on time and within budget. We pride ourselves on not only examining the blueprints and documents for each building but also looking beyond that and meeting every need and expectation of our clients.

We’re positioned to handle a wide range of projects and offer a complete management staff and skilled craftsmen.

Each client has varying needs and we understand that. Our team of leaders and experts are here for you and meet each and every one of those needs. With years of experience, effective communication, quality craftsmanship, and flawless process in place we’re able to handle a wide range of renovation projects.

Renovations are something that is unique to each client and space. From redesigning office spaces, modernizing commercial kitchens, updating customer bathrooms, making workspaces more functional, and everything else in between, we closely work with our clients to bring their visions to life.

No matter the design idea, we can help you accomplish it. We’re here for you throughout the entire renovation process and we’ll also make sure that it is up to code and safe space for everyone.

At Hembree Construction we make the renovation process as stress-free as possible.
Ensuring that each and every renovation complies with building codes, meets safety regulations, adapts to any changes and that you’re 100% satisfied with the final products.

Building solid client relationships along with the successful completion of our projects has established us as a leading commercial construction contractor.

We have strong relationships with all of our clients and they have trusted us to complete each of their projects with the highest standards and regulations. We want you to have the most successful business possible and one of the first things you must do is have a strong and secured building. Your office building will allow business procedures to flow smoothly and for employees to utilize their workspace to maximize production. In addition to that your office building will be the place that people spend a majority of their time so it needs to be a place that they love as well.

Besides your home, the space in which you and your employees work is equally as important. Office buildings need areas in which they encourage creative thinking, for brilliant work to be accomplished, important meetings are held, administrative functions to be conducted, and even celebratory moments for those major achievements are had. All of these things need to be done in an environment that is conducive to all of the requirements in the workplace. The office space needs to looks appealing but also be functional, boost team morale, and be up to building codes as well.

As the renovations take place progress will be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis so that both teams are on the same page and your expectations are being met. We understand that you may have specific needs for your building and here at Hembree Construction, we will be able to meet those needs. We want your office building to be a place where people can maximize production so that your business can be successful. So rather than thinking about the maintenance of your building, you can trust that Hembree Construction completed the project properly and that your office building is secure and you can focus on expanding and improving your business.

They say that first impressions are everything. The look and feel of your retail store plays a huge role in customer retention. You may have the best product in your industry, but if your retail space isn’t inviting, you can kiss your customers goodbye. Our retail spaces are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, maximizing sales per square foot and having your customers feel comfortable buying your products as well as having the customer wanting to come back.

Whether you want minor changes such as adding shelving and changing the flooring or more extensive changes such as knocking down walls and creating new spaces, we can help you. If your retail store needs a few slight repairs or a complete renovation we are equipped to help in any situation. You want the products you are selling to match with the atmosphere of the room. You want everything to be cohesive and we can help you achieve that. For an example, if you own a business that sells baby items you want a space that is kid-friendly in case people have their children with them and big enough so parents, or soon-to-be parents will be able to easily see your products. With building retail spaces, or just renovating, the target audience must be the main focus.

A successful business is one that has a space that consumers feel confident in getting the best quality products. We pride ourselves in delivering an impeccable building that will help you have the most successful business possible. Whatever the project is, a complete renovation or just minor changes, we will do the best possible job that will leave you completely satisfied with the finished project.

Our team is experienced in working with high profile clients in premier office complexes with minimum disruption. While working on your office building we will be sure to work quickly while not being disruptive to the work you have going on. When working in office environments we understand that we must accomplish the job you need with minimum distractions to the workplace. We will keep in mind to all the improvements that you need to your office space as well as keeping up with the building codes and regulation and required permits needed to renovate the space.

The purpose of improving tenant spaces is so that it fits the needs of your business. Once your retail space fits the needs of your business then the work operations will flow more smoothly. Improving the tenant space is beneficial to you and your employees because it can boost team morale and increase staff productivity. The most important part about improving tenant spaces is checking health codes and the leasing agreement to make sure the upgrades and/or design ideas comply with those codes and agreement rules. For example, you may want to move the bathroom for employees onto a different floor and under some health codes it must be on the same floor. Or, you may want to add another bathroom for employees but your lease agreement does not allow that. We always make sure to refer to the city health codes and your lease agreement so that the renovation does not become more extensive, and thus more costly.

Here at Hembree, we are happy to help with any improvements that you want to make to your space. The right improvements will makes your employees happy and you will see the effects of that later on. If there is any type of delay or improvement challenge we will always find a way for your needs to be met and finish the project on time and within budget.

The reason that we have been one of the leading contractors in the Orlando, Florida area is because of our quality work, which in turn has resulted in strong relationships with our clients. Some clients need assistance with bigger tasks such as complete commercial development and we are equipped to do so. Bigger projects need an experienced team of professionals along with staff that are familiar with larger, more in-depth projects and here at Hembree Construction we have that. From property development, investing, and financing to a fully developed design and build, we will manage your entire project from beginning to end.

With complete commercial development projects we will work closely with your team to construct your project to the exact detail. We know and understand that these types of projects usually have a deadline and require finishing on time and within budget. Whether you need a small shop or shopping center built, we got you covered. Designing and completing your development warrants an exact knowledge so that things are built properly, an eye for detail, proper craftsmanship, the best materials to construct your building, attention to safety regulations, a work environment in which all personnel needed can be productive, and effective communication between everyone involved and our team possesses all of the above. We want to maximize our productivity at all times so that the complete commercial development is finished on time.

We uphold strict standards for ourselves in all aspects of construction contracting so that our clients are 100% satisfied with our work. Planning and completing developments takes a lot of time and we make sure that things go right the first time so that no time is wasted. Once the project is complete you will see that your buildings are constructed properly, are up to building codes, and will remain intact for a long period of time.